Electrical Cloud Engages Viewers

Electrical Cloud Engages Viewers

Cloud by Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett

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Six thousand new and burnt out light bulbs were used to form a colossal installation that engaged and amused its viewers.

Cloud was realized for one night only during a Nuit Blance Festival in Calgary, Canada, on 15 September. As visitors approached the massive cloud, they could pull strings to turn lights on and off.

‘Enticed by this simple interaction, audiences were invited to step beneath the cloud and play – at first drawn towards the cloud by curiosity, and later competing to collectively turn on and off the entire cloud at once,’ Brown says.

Brown hosted a ‘light bulb drive’ and collected bulbs from various donators: businesses, museums, arenas, private homes and recycling stations. The concept was not only eco-friendly, it sought to create a collaboration between the local community and artists.

Cloud was realized by Brown with musician, machinist and artist Wayne Garrett.